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About Us
Pocket Vet

Founded by pet parents, for pet parents. At PocketVet, we are on a mission to make vet care more affordable and accessible to help you help your pets.


A little bit about where we started…

You can speak to a vet whenever you need advice with access to pet medication, flea and worming treatment, supplements, pet food, treats and a whole lot more!
PocketVet was founded by the owners of UK Meds, the UK’s largest private online pharmacy. UK Meds is a GPhC registered pharmacy, run by friendly, efficient staff whose core values are centered around trust, expertise, and excellence. UK Meds has recently opened its sister company, UK Pets, which is a proudly registered RCVS veterinary practice premises and certified by the VMD.
PocketVet has been established upon the same foundations set out by UK Meds and we strive to provide an honest and accessible service, so that you never have to compromise your pet’s health or wellbeing.
As a family run business, we as pet owners feel passionate about animal welfare and affordable, accessible veterinary care. We understand that there are instances whereby a physical vet visit is stressful, expensive and in low-risk cases, unnecessary. Our aim was to establish a company that our customers can trust and rely on in times of uncertainty or worry, without breaking the bank. PocketVet provides a simple alternative to a traditional visit to the vet, from the comfort of your own home.

Don’t compromise your pet. PocketVet.

Our Promise

Accessible We are passionate about making reliable and trustworthy veterinary care more accessible to pet owners.

Affordable We strive to provide veterinary care at reasonable prices, saving customers money and unnecessary expensive vet visits.

Trustworthy Our UK registered vets have a minimum of 7 years experience and pride themselves in providing honest advice with the pets best interest at heart

Innovative We are continuously thinking of new ways to improve the quality of remote veterinary care, enabling us to provide more tailored advice and treatments

Convenience Our service offers the ultimate convenience of flexible repeat deliveries and expert advice at the touch of a button, enabling pet owners to seek professional advice while juggling the demands of their busy lifestyles.



“I joined PocketVet because my dog has an ongoing problem with her skin, I have tried all sorts of products recommended by my usual vet, but nothing worked and each visit cost me a fortune. I had a consultation with one of the Vets at PocketVet who recommended a few fantastic products. Betty has stopped itching and her overall skin condition is much healthier. What a fantastic service!”

“My cat Winston recently had a tooth removed at the vets. After his operation he would not eat his food which I add his pain relief medication to, therefore he was suffering in pain and I was worried that he would be hungry. Aimee the vet, advised me how to give Winston’s medication effectively and provided me with some soft food that I could mix with water into a soup, which arrived the following day. Winston is extremely fussy, and I was amazed that he greedily ate it! Aimee also provided excellent advice on how to maintain Winston’s dental hygiene and I have ordered the recommended product to be delivered every 2 months, so that I don’t forget! I cannot recommend PocketVet enough, the whole experience was easy, stress-free and I didn’t even need to leave my home! I now buy everything for Winston through PocketVet.”

“I absolutely love PocketVet, it makes managing my dogs expenses so easy. I used to lose track of how much I was spending but using ‘my pocket’ I can control how much each dog costs per month. I have their flea and wormers, special shampoo and their favourite treats delivered every month so I never run out and have to make a special journey to the pet shop. I also like knowing that I have quick access to professional vet advice if I need it. It’s totally brilliant!”

Our Regulation

All of the medication is dispensed by our sister company UK meds, who are regulated by both the GphC & MHRA.