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As a UK Pets customer, we are offering you £10 off your first online chat with a vet. Whether you need vet advice or a second opinion, PocketVet is here for you and Your pet. Chat to an online vet for only £4.99.

Chat to an online vet for only £4.99.



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Add Your pet as a pet with PocketVet today, and save £10 on your first online vet chat.

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It only takes a minute or two, and then you are all set should you ever need to speak to an online vet. Plus, you can always add more pets later.

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How it works

Step 1. Register your pet

Register your pet to chat to a vet in within 24 hours via live chat or video call.

Step 2. Start a consultation

Simply complete a consultation form to get a fast assessment of your pet's health.

Step 3. Get Tailored Advice and Treatments

Get a tailored treatment plan with recommended products available for home delivery.


Save £10 on a chat with an online vet. As a UK Pets customer, you can chat to an online vet for only £4.99 for your first chat.

Use code: UKPETS10 at checkout.

1 Vet Chat - £14.99


  • One-off payment

  • No subscription fees

  • Experienced licensed UK vets

  • Avoid unnecessary vet visits

  • Affordable advice and a second opinion

Live chat and video calls available

Rachel Keane

Our Vets - Rachel Keane

"We can provide owners with fast reassurance at an affordable price. "

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Rhian Rochford

Our Vets - Rhian Rochford

"If we can prevent pets and their owners a stressful vet visit then everyone is happy!"

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Heather Lucas

Our Vets - Heather Lucas

"PocketVet really cares about finding the best solution for your pet at the most affordable price."

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Simone Weideman

Our Vets - Simone Weideman

"I look forward to bringing the veterinary consult room to as many homes as possible"

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Aimee Labbate

Our Vets - Aimee Labbate

"It's great to be able to help pet owners from the comfort of their own homes"

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