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Identify 10 potientally harmful plants
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The PocketVet thermometer is a great way of providing our vets with more information about your pet’s health. Please watch our tutorial on how to take your pet’s temperature

Recovery Sachet - (Rabbit/Guinea Pigs)

Dissolves into a liquid feed for when your pet is off food, or under the weather.

TummySOS (dog only)

fast acting diarrhoea solution for dogs to settle episodes of an upset stomach

Hairball Remedy (cat only)

when taken it coats the swallowed hair and stool and allows it to pass through the digestive system acting as a mild laxative


A tasty bag of treats for your pet to be used as a reward or delicious topping to your pets food

Unlimited Consultation Credits

You will get unlimited redeemable consultation credits to use each month. These consultation credits can be used if your pet becomes unwell or for a general consultation such as after buying a new puppy or kitten.

Access to Veterinary Tutorials

Our veterinary tutorials offer professional veterinary advice on how to care for your pet

Pocket PlantID

Identify potentially harmful plants around your home and garden using clever artificial intelligence via the app, simply take a photo of the plant in question and get an instant result