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How It Works

Once you have registered with PocketVet, you have the option to Ask a Vet, shop and manage your pet essentials, identify harmful plants, watch veterinary tutorials or subscribe to flea and wormer treatment. If you are worried about your pet’s health or simply need expert pet care advice, our friendly vets are only a click away.

Click Ask a Vet
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Receive feedback from the vet within 15 minutes
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Get your pets treatment delivered to your door

Ask a Vet


Click Ask a Vet

Use the Ask a Vet button on the homepage to complete a consultation form with details and images/videos to explain the concern

Our vets aim to review your consultation form within 15 minutes.


Receive feedback from the vet within 15 minutes

Depending on the type of health concern, the vet may ask some further questions via the live chat feature or invite you to schedule a video call to perform a virtual examination of your pet.


Advice and Treatment recommendation

Once the vet has enough information to help your pet, they will provide a written consultation report containing their advice and recommended treatment.


Receive your order

Check out your pets prescription and arrange delivery for when you need it