Important updates: From the 1st May 2024, the PocketVet service will be closing until further notice.

PocketVet has closed

You can still use UK Pets for all your pet medication needs.

As of 1st May 2024, we have closed the PocketVet service. If you wish to request any of your data, then please email us on

Key Features

Chat to a vet

Get answers from online vets within 24 hours with treatment recommendations you can purchase from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer to be delivered to your door.

Step 1:

Complete our consultation form

Tell us about your pet's health concern by completing our quick and simple consultation form with the option to upload a photo or video to help our vets assess the problem. If your pet is healthy but you would like a virtual vet check-up, simply select 'General health check' on the drop down menu of our consultation form and you will be directed to book a video appointment with an online vet at your convenience.

Step 2:

Vet response within 24 hours

Depending on the type of health concern, the vet may ask some questions via our live chat feature or invite you to schedule a video call to perform a virtual examination of your pet. Sometimes a video call is easier for our vets to take a more detailed look at your pet. However, if your environment means you're unable to perform a video call, please let your online vet know and they will be happy to cooperate.

Step 3:


Once your online vet has enough information to advise you, they will provide a written consultation report containing their advice and recommended treatment plan. Our vets always want what’s best for your pets, so sometimes an in-person examination is necessary.

In these situations, we will refer you to your local clinic. Nevertheless, our vets are always on hand online if you need a second opinion or simply want to pick their brains. No question is ever too small for PocketVet.

Step 4:


Where appropriate, our online vets will recommend effective treatments for your pet which will be available to purchase from the consultation page. Simply checkout your items to get them delivered straight to your door.

There are certain medicines that legally require a physical examination by a vet in order to prescribe, these include antibiotics and pain relief and therefore we will not be able to prescribe these for you remotely.

Key Features

Plant Identifier

Plant Identifier

A botanist in your pocket - Snap a pic of a plant to instantaneously identify and protect your pets from toxic plants.
Parasite Prevention Pack

Parasite Prevention Pack

Protect your pets from fleas and worms with effective treatment delivered through your letterbox each month.

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