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Affordable vet care in your pocket

The pet care app that puts expert vets at your fingertips, with medication and essential pet supplies delivered to your door.


How it works

Register your pet and choose your membership type
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Speak to our expert vets via live chat or video call
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Get medication delivered and customise pet essential deliveries

We're making pet parenting stress-free in every way.

No more concerned pet parents searching google for vet advice. PocketVet is here to help you be the best parent your pet deserves.

Convenient Shopping

Shop and schedule your pets essentials with flexible repeat deliveries

Save Money & Time

Affordable vet advice, treatments & pet essentials to your door

Peace of Mind

No concern is too small for our experienced UK registered Vets


and Wormers


Pet Food


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Identify 10 potentially harmful plants per month and access vet tutorial library

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Our Features

Bespoke flea and
worm treatments delivered monthly through your letterbox
Veterinary tutorials to help you care for your pet
Simply take a photo of a plant to identify it as potentially harmful

Available anywhere

Our PocketVet consultation service is available from the comfort of your own home, join today for stress-free vet care

PocketVet Reviews

Amazing live chat feature

Speaking to a vet has never been easier, the live chat is brilliant and the vets are so helpful and friendly. £9.99 for total peace of mind that I can speak with a vet whenever I need to is a no-brainer. I don’t know how I ever lived without PocketVet.


Affordable, friendly service

PocketVet is the most affordable veterinary service I have ever used, the vets are excellent and no question is too small. My pet hates trips to the vet so PocketVet has made me and Boris very happy.


Love the plant ID!

I can’t thank PocketVet enough for creating such a user friendly service, I love having vet advice on tap and I am an avid gardener. It is important to me that the plants in my garden are safe for my dog Shelly, all I have to do is take a photograph of the plant and the app tells me if it’s harmful! Wow.