Key Features

Plant Identifier

Botonist in your pocket - Identify and protect pets from toxic plants with a snap.

Step 1:

Upload a plant image

Snap a pic of a plant or upload a plant image from your gallery.

Step 2:

Let science do it's thing

Get instantaneous and accurate plant ID results with revolutionary artificial intelligence technology.

Step 3:

Toxic or not?

Get details of whether the plant in question is toxic for pets with clinical signs and the option to speak with one our vets if you need advice.

Key Features

Ask a Vet

Ask a Vet

Need expert vet advice when you're not sure what's best for your pet? Get fast answers from UK licensed vets from your smartphone, desktop or tablet device.
Parasite Prevention Pack

Parasite Prevention Pack

Protect your pets from fleas and worms with effective treatment delivered through your letterbox each month.

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