Important updates: From the 1st May 2024, the PocketVet service will be closing until further notice.

PocketVet has closed

You can still use UK Pets for all your pet medication needs.

As of 1st May 2024, we have closed the PocketVet service. If you wish to request any of your data, then please email us on

Key Features

Parasite Prevention Pack

Get tailored flea and worm treatments from £6.49 delivered to your pet every month so you never forget again.

Step 1:

Complete the questionaire

Following registration, complete the flea and wormer questionnaire to build a personalised monthly pack, just for them.

Step 2:

Flea Treatment

Receive gold-standard flea treatment, tailored to your pet, with easy to use pipette application, which prevents eggs laid by fleas exposed to treatment from developing for up to 8 weeks. Kills ticks on treated pets for up to 4 weeks and treats infestations of biting lice.

Step 3:

Worm Treatment

Choose whether you want worming tablets adding onto your flea treatment package. Worming  tablets are pork flavoured and kills common intestinal worms, including roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms.

Step 4:


Delivery is FREE and your paw-fectly tailored Parasite Prevention Pack comes in a handy letterbox size, so you don't even need to be home.

For tailored advice, speak to a vet now using the Ask a Vet button on your account homepage.

Key Features

Plant Identifier

Plant Identifier

A botanist in your pocket - Snap a pic of a plant to instantaneously identify and protect your pets from toxic plants.
Ask a Vet

Ask a Vet

Need expert online vet advice when you're not sure what's best for your pet? Get fast answers online from UK licensed vets from your smartphone, desktop or tablet device.

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