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Which Vegetables Are Safe For My Dog?

It can be hard to resist letting your dog share your snack, particularly if they give you those puppy dog eyes- but do you know what everyday vegetables are potentially unsafe for dogs?

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How Long Are Dogs Pregnant?

Female dogs are not pregnant for as long as you may think! A female dog’s gestation period lasts for just over two months, approximately 62-65 days.

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How Long Does a Bitch's Season Last?

A season (or heat) is the period of time during which a female dog (bitch) can become pregnant. Most dogs start coming into season from around 6 months of age, although this is variable, with smaller breeds typically starting at a younger age than large breeds, which can start as late as 18-24 months old.

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Why Does My Dog Eat Poo?

Eating poop is a common behaviour in dogs but is one of their less endearing characteristics! It even has a scientific name – coprophagia.

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How Does My Dog See the World?

This is a really interesting question. It is easy to assume that our dogs see the world in the same way that we do, but in fact their vision is quite different to ours.

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Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

If your dog frequently munches on grass and you find yourself concerned and wondering why, then you’re not alone! We have attempted to tackle some of the explanations for this behaviour to give you a better idea of why your dog may be nibbling on the green stuff.

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A Guide to Ear Infections in Dogs

Unfortunately, ear infections are commonly seen in the pet world, particularly in dogs. Certain breeds of dog are known to be more susceptible due to their ear shape, however all dogs are at risk.

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Who Are The Most Famous Dogs of All Time? - National Pet Awareness Month

Dogs are an integral part of many homes all over the world, so it is only natural that some have become incredibly famous.

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What Food Should You Keep Away From Your Pets This Easter?

Food is a massive part of Easter. Whether you are religious and celebrating, or whether you just like getting big chocolate eggs, you will be surrounded by food.

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What Fruits Can Dogs Eat?

Everybody knows the way to a dog's heart is through their stomach, and pet owners always strive to provide their furry friends with the most well-balanced, healthy diet they can.

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Which Pet-friendly Flowers Should I Buy This Mother’s Day?

If you are purchasing flowers this Mother’s Day, you need to know what to avoid in order to keep your parent's pets safe, learn more here!

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Is Xylitol Poisonous To Dogs?

Xylitol is a natural sweetener that is commonly used as an alternative to sugar in many human food products and medications.

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